Neural Break is a first person, survival horror taking place in an immersive, open world and set to deliver a new experience for the PC gamer. It will combine a realistic environment and atmosphere with the action packed, gun slinging, melee beat down you desire. Lose yourself in dilapidated urban environments, high-rises in every direction changing the skyline into a desolate parody of what it once was. Stand atop mountainous terrains overlooking enormous valleys and rolling hills. Hunt, or be hunted by wildlife, the only uninfected beings left on the planet. Most importantly, defend yourself from the ravenous horde and other corrupted throughout this cruel world.

  • First Person Only
    Lets get back on track here, shall we?
  • Extensive Weapon Selection
    Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, One handed/two handed melee, and environmental.
  • Open World PVP/PVE
    New, innovative rules. Game content requiring team play.
  • Goal/Objective Structured PVP
    5v5 competitive play. Your team, the other team, and a horde of infected to deal with.
  • Party and Clans
    One stick, easy break. Many stick, not so easy break.
  • Unique Class system
    A class system not based on experience points and not confining a character to a single given class.
  • Crafting
    Straightforward item combination. No leveling, no grinding.
  • Hunting
    Hunt or be hunted by the only uninfected beings left on the planet.
  • Hordes of Enemies
    Adrenaline pumping action when you come face to face with your enemies.
  • Common and Mutated Enemies
    Some things are just easier to deal with than others...
  • Vehicles
    Transportation or deadly weapon. Up to you I guess.
  • Character customization
    Change head, torso, and legs as well as their colors.